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Competition is a healthy part of growing business. However, what happens when a merger puts a market at risk by threatening that competition? Ramsay Webber looks at the Act, and how it affects and protects competition.

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Section 133(1)(a) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act”) provides that no legal proceedings may commence or continue against a company during business rescue proceedings except with the written permission of the business rescue practitioner.

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If you are downloading anything from the Internet, you’d do well to check whether or not what you’re doing is legal – you actions may be prejudicial to the content owner.

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The effect of business rescue proceedings is that a temporary moratorium is placed on the rights of all persons to claim against the company, during which time the affairs of the company are restructured through the development of a business rescue plan the purpose of which is to allow for the continuation of the business […]

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Neighbourly disputes – whether over noisy parties, leaves falling onto the other’s property or even more trivial matters – are generally petty in nature and may be overcome with a good, neighbourly chat. However, this is not always the case. From time to time a neighbourly dispute carries with it expensive consequences. This was the […]

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Before the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Paulsen v Slip Knot Investments (434/13) [2014] ZASCA, there was uncertainty on whether the in duplum rule applied only to default interest, being interest accrued on a capital amount which has fallen due for payment but has not been paid, or whether it also applied […]

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Ramsay Webber is a proud member of Mackrell International - established 20 years ago and represented through more than 60 firms in more than 100 offices continents - on five giving our clients an international reach.

Founded in 1987 International (MI) took its name from John Mackrell, a London lawyer who started a practice in Lincoln s Inn in 1845. He was renowned for his common sense commercial approach to legal matters and foun ded a scholarship for practical legal excellence. His common sense philosophy is shared by all member firms of MACKRELL INTERNATIONAL. This common sense attitude combined with excellent personal relationships is the key to MI s success. Client satisfaction is vital and as we integrate new firms we ensure that their ethos and actions fit in with our working methods and quality expectations. Our member firm s clients tend to stay with us, and it is not unusual to find them working with Mackrell members in a variety of countries around the world.